Josip Asik: American Chess Magazine - Issue No. 6

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Hersteller: Informator-Verlag

Spring 2018
2018, 152 Seiten, kartoniert, englisch

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In this issue:

  •     Fabiano Caruana Victorious in London, Ahead of the World Champion - Revenge served cold
  •     The New Art of Positional Play - The reliable B52! 
  •     Caruana Unrecognizable in Wijk aan Zee - So what could have possibly gone wrong? 
  •     Magnus Carlsen Was a True World Champion at Tata Steel 
  •     Aagaard´s All-round Training
  •     Nakamura ties for first 
  •     Is Kramnik still "The Iceberg"?
  •     Grandmaster´s Insights From the World Cup 
  •     The Crown Jewel: WIM Annie Wang 
  •     UW Whitewater Chess Team Among the Elite 
  •     Anti-Grunfeld
  •     e5xf6! How dramatic can it be?
  •     Lifelines in Rook Endings
  •     Play it Again, Sam! 
  •     Desperado
  •     Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf
  •     Ten Mostly Tech Tips for Correspondence Players

Also presenting regular columns, tournament reviews from US and abroad, and plenty more instructive and educational materials.

Sprache: englisch
Medium: Zeitschrift
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Seitenanzahl: 152

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