John S. Hilbert: Essays in American Chess History

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A tremendous collection of fascinating material by one of America's greatest chess historians.
2002, 359 Seiten, Leinen mit Goldprägung, englisch 

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The essays presented here are grouped into four sections:

Section One: Studies in Time;
Section Two: Players, Now and Then;
Section Three: Essays on Correspondence Chess;
Section Four: Miscellaneous.

A treasure trove of fascinating information beautifully presented with an abundance of vintage photographs, an absolute must for anyone seriously interested in chess history.

This book is a collection of 30 pieces by one of America's most highly acclaimed chess historians, containing over 300 chess games, many not available before, including long-forgotten ones by the likes of Steinitz, Pillsbury, Lasker and Capablanca.

Detailed coverage of events include the Franklin Chess Club Championship of 1897/8, the Washington Chess Divan Championship for 1942 (won by Reuben Fine), and Atlantic City 1921.
Essays on correspondence chess, as well as chapters on players such as Mackenzie, Capablanca, Whitaker and others.

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Sprache: englisch
Erscheinungsjahr: 2002
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