Vlastimil Fiala: Quarterly for Chess History 19

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Hersteller: Moravian

Ausgabe 19 - 2018
2018, 584 Seiten, gebunden, englisch

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Chess Archives

the Early Chess Career of F.D. Yates, Third Part: 1908-1909 (by Fiala) 
Brooklyn Chess and the Brooklyn Daily Eagle Before Hermann Helms (by Hilbert) 

Chess Biographies
Among the Undiscovered Dead: The Curious Life and Earthly Disappearance of William H.H. Hotchkin, Chess Player (by Hilbert)   
Josef Dominik (by Gillam) 

Forgotten Chess Tournaments
Rice Gambit Consultation Tournament, New York 1910 (by Fiala)

Classical Chess Matches
Battle for US Championship: Reichhelm vs. Mackenzie (by Fiala) 
Spielmann-Pirc Match 1931 (by Brown) 

Great Chess Players

Compiled by Fiala
Paul Morphy
Emanual Lasker
Wilhelm Steinitz
Alexander Alekhine
Jose Raul Capablanca 

Correspondence Chess
The Continental Correspondence Tournament 1894-1898. Third Part (by Fiala) 

Women's Chess
Louisa Matilda Ballard Fagan: Third Part: 1901 (by Fiala) 
Chess Women Notes (by Fiala) 

Chess Research
Corrections to Di Felice Chess Result's Project, Part Two (by Gillam)

Chess Miscellany
Compiled by Fiala
Numbers 451-475

Chess Problems
Soviet composers and the West in the 30's (by Pallier) 

Chess Reviews
Urcan, Olimpiu G and Hilbert, John S (2017). W.H.K. Pollock. A Chess Biography with 523 Games (written by Olimpiu G Urcan and J.S. Hilbert)

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Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
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