Ken Whyld: Chess Christmas

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An interesting hobby of the late great Ken Whyld was sending Christmas booklets to his close chess friends with various chess publications as for example the story of modern chess, covered in this book under the chapter Ken Whyld´s Christmas Series:
The beginning of modern chess, Caistor 1991 Kenneth Whyld wrote: This booklet comes to you with my best wishes for Christmas 1991, and the New Year 1992; In 1872 the London Chess club began a match of two games by correspondence against the Vienna club led by Kolisch. Shortly after the match began Blackburne, Horwitz, Löwenthal and Wisker withdrew from the London team, leaving Steinitz and Potter to continue.
Later Steinitz said that modern chess began with these two games, and he and Potter analysed them deeply in the pages of The Field,and these notes were then reprinted in the City of London Chess Magazine.

Kenneth Whyld included 17 pages of chess notes from the famous games; London - Vienna & Vienna - London and pleasantly transferred by him in a readable algebraic notation. In the original booklets from Ken Whyld´s Christmas Series the booklets where coloured on cardboard, with the colours:
white, celestial, grey, pink, clear green, clear yellow and Signed by the author with the words "Ken".

Unfortunately we have to do in the book with copies from the original work from Whyld, and sometimes as chapter one;The Story of chess some pages are quite a puzzle but the material from Whyld is superb so we must now and than forgive Fiala and the Ken Whyld Association for the layout for some of these unreadable pages.

Medium: Buch, gebunden
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Erscheinungsjahr: 2009
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