Emil Schallopp: Hastings 1895 Chess Tournament

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Hersteller: Russian Chess House

2017, 360 Seiten, 24 Fotos, gebunden, englisch

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The Russian Chess House has published a games collection of the most famous chess tournament ever to take place.
All of the top masters of the late 19th century took part, includinq Emanuel Lasker, the world champion at the time, William Steinitz, the ex-world champion, as weil as M. Chigorin, S.Tarrasch, C. Schlechter, D. Janowski, and many others.

Harry Nelson Pilisbury,hearly unknown on the international chess circuit before the tournament, emerged vktorious.
Both the tournament participants and top-notch Soviet masters and chess analysts commentated on the games.
The book itself has ornate, double binding and all the players´ photographs on coated paper on the centerfeld.

For players of all levels.


Medium: Buch, gebunden
Sprache: englisch

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