Charles Gilberg: The 5th American Chess Congress

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Hersteller: Edition Olms

New York 1880
Reprint 1986, 540 Seiten, Kunstlederband, englisch

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The event ended in a tie for first place between Captain George H. Mackenzie and James Grundy, each of whom scored 13,5 points. Grundy, who had been accused of trying to buy a game (see pages 149 - 151) lost the play-off match 2-0. Third place went to Möhle (13 points), after whom came Sellman (12,5), Judd (11) and Delmar (9.5). Preston Ware, who was equal seventh with 1 P-QR4 and consistently answered 1 P-QR4 and consistently answered 1 P-K4 with 1 P-QR4.

In addition to all tournament games, the book includes a historical survey of the earlier congresses, as well as biographical sketches and 128 problems.

Medium: Buch, gebunden
Sprache: englisch
Erscheinungsjahr: 1986
Seitenanzahl: 540

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