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This book is divided into five main parts. All the games will be annotated and analysed in varying depth, mostly by me, but in some cases with notes by other masters, taken from various publications, by my collaborators in this project and by Najdorf himself.

This is how the book is divided: It begins with the unpublished book which Don Miguel Najdorf began to write, with thirteen games annotated by him.

  • Part 1. “Polish Stage”, goes from his beginnings to the 1939 Buenos Aires Olympiad.


  • Part 2. “Becoming Established in Argentina”, covers the rest of 1939 until 1945.


  • Part 3. “World Title Candidate”, covers from 1946 to 1957.


  • P art 4. “Among the Chess Elite”, deals with the period 1957 to 1982.


  • Part 5. “Th e Last Lap”, goes from 1983 until 1997, during which time Najdorf no longer played very much.


Although the book has a certain biographical element, it does not claim to be an in-depth biography of Najdorf. To know more about Don Miguel’s private life it would be appropriate to read “Najdorf x Najdorf”, written by his daughter Liliana Najdorf and available in Spanish and English. it is a good idea to read both versions, for they are not identical.

For the biographical information, in addition to my own memories and the materia l I researched, I had the help and collaboration of many people, who agreedto be a part of this book and to contribute to the memory of Miguel Najdorf.

(From the introduction)

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