Vlastimil Fiala: Quarterly for Chess History 17

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Volume V / No 17 2016
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Chess Archives

The Early Chess Career oJ F. D. Yates. Second Part: 1907-1908 (Vlastimil Fiala)

Genesis of an Opportunity: S. Lipschütz and the New York State Chess Association 's, February 22, 1889, Championship (John S. Hilbert)

Chess Biographies

Mikhail Chigorin. Part Three: 1880-1881 (Vlastimil Fiala)

Wladyslaw Maczuski (1837-1898) (Antbony J. Gillam)

Forgotten Chess Tournaments

The 10th District of Columbia Championship Tournament, Spring 1939 (Vlastimil Fiala and Andy Ansel)

International Tournament at Graz 1890 (lvan Bottlik and Anthony J. Gillam)

Classical Chess Matches

The Roman Games between Dubois and Wyvill in 1845-46 (Fabrizio Zavatarelli)

Euwe - Keres Match. The Netherlands, 1939/40 (compiled by Vlastimil Fiala)

Great Chess Players (Compiled by Vlastimil Fiala)

Howard Staunton

Paul Morphy

Emanuel Lasker

Wilhelm Steinitz

Alexander Alekhine

Jose Raul Capablanca

Correspondence Chess

The Continental Correspondence Tournament 1894-1898. First Part (Vlastirnil Fiala)

Women's Chess

Louisa Matilda Ballard Fagan: First Part: 1899 (Vlastimil Fiala)

Chess Women Notes

Chess Research

Contents of the Quarterly for Chess History Nos. 9-16

Research Trips to Ljubljana, Brauslava and Gyor (Anthony J. Gillam)

Let's Make it Better (Anthony Gillam and Vlastimil Fiala)

Chess Miscellany (Compiled by Vlastimil Fiala)

Numbers 401-425

Chess Problems

A toumey from the past: the 1916 Rice Memorial International Problem anti End-Game Tournament (Alain Pallier)

Chess Reviews

605 Tragic Life and Short Chess Career of James A. Leonhard; 1841-1862 by John S. Hilbert (Reviewed by Vlastimil Fiala)

610 James Mason in America. The Early Chess Career, 1867-1878 by Joost van Winsen (Reviewed by Vlastimil Fiala)

622 Isaac Kashdan, American Chess Grandmaster. A Career Summary with 757 Games. by Peter P. Lahde (Reviewed by Vlastimil Fiala)

627 Rubinstein. Correction; additions and Comments on the Donaldson and Minev Volumes (by Anthony J. GilIam)

631 Index of the Players

634 Index of the Openings

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