Roman Dzindzichashvili: Staggering New Novelties for White in The Grand Prix Attack - DVD

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Lines also covered in The Grunfeld and Accelerated Dragon
2005, DVD, englisch, running time: over 2 h

Roman´s Lab 83

On this DVD you can see some very significant updates in the Grand Prix attack for white in the Sicilian.

These updates will take this opening to the next level, adding very important, concrete approach to various positions making the whole variation more solid. Non fianchetto lines are given a new aggressive approach creating some potentially dangerous outcomes for black.

Also covered are some updates on the fianchetto lines as well.
Novelties in the Grunfeld and Accelerated Dragon which were played in strong GM tournaments and are analyzed with the help of Rybka.
You will see refutations and some improvements for both sides. This DVD is a great value for anyone trying to get Black the most out of the opening!

Sprache: englisch
Medium: DVD

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