Jan Pinski: The Two Knights Defence

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2003, 160 Seiten, kartoniert, englisch 

The Two Knights Defence is one of the trickiest tactical openings around. If White initiates complications with either 4 Ng5 or 4 d4, play becomes extremely sharp and gambits and counter gambits abound.
Anyone who enters the murky waters of the Two Knights Defence must be well prepared for the mind-boggling complications that ensue.

Jan Pinski guides the reader through both the well-trodden paths of the main lines plus the less fashionable side variations of this most complex opening.
Using illustrative games, Pinski studies the key ideas and tactics for both Black and White.

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6

Part one: 4 Ng5
- Introduction and 4...d5 5 exd5 b5!?
- Fritz Variation 4...d5 5 exd5 Nd4
- 4...d5 5 exd5 Na5
- Traxler Gambit 4...Bc5!?

Part two: 4.d4
- 4...exd4: Introduction
- 4...exd4 5 e5 d5
- 4...exd4 5 0-0
- Others
- 4 d3 

Medium: Buch, kartoniert
Sprache: englisch

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