Jan Markos, David Navara: The Secret Ingredient to Winning at Chess

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The Secret Ingredient is a grandmaster guide to maximizing your chess results, focusing on key elements of practical play which have received little to no attention in previous chess literature.

How exactly can we best make use of computers?
What’s the ideal, step-by-step way to prepare against a specific opponent?
How can we optimize our time management at the board?
And what’s the one key skill that separates the best players from those who have yet to reach their full potential?
GM Jan Markos sheds light on these topics and many more, helped by the world-class insights of his good friend GM David Navara.

Jan Markos is a Slovakian grandmaster and trainer. His previous book, Under the Surface, was the English Chess Federation’s 2018 Book of the Year.

David Navara is a ten-time Czech Champion and a world-class grandmaster. He is noted for combining fighting spirit with outstanding sportsmanship.

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