Hartwig Cassel, Hermann Helms: Riga Match and Correspondence Games

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Riga Chess Club 1916
Reprint 2010, 100 Seiten, gebunden, englisch

In chess the name of Riga is surely one to conjure with, for it has been synonymous with efficiency in analysis and depth of research these many years past - an efficiency that, in the case of the Baltic seaport, has spelled unparalleled success. During a period of years, stretching from 1896 to 1910, a series of matches, consist­ing of two games each, were con­tested by the tournament commttee of the Riga Chess Club with various clubs of high standing, including the Berlin, Moscow, Stockholm and Orel Chess Clubs. Moves in these games were exchanged by telegraph, but under a time limit and other conditions similar to those which obtain in correspondence chess. In other words, ample opportu­nity was afforded for the widest range of analysis.

In the members of the Riga committee that club had the services of men who may well be said to have few peers in the art of dissecting a chess position and dragging forth to light its manifold possibilities.
The list includes some names of world-wide renown in the field of end-game studies and problems. Every member of the committee is pos­sessed of much more than the average intelligence and each is a man of parts wholly apart from chess.
That such a company working in unison should pro­duce results worth while and make con­tributions of lasting value to the analysis of the game goes without saying. Follow­ing is the roll of honor: Professor Dr. P. Bohl, Paul Kerkovius, Carl Behting, Robert Behting and August Lueth.

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