Andrew Martin: Winning with the Queen´s Gambit Part 1 - DVD

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A complete repertoire for White
2013, DVD, englisch, Video running time: 2 h

3 Part DVD Repertoire Series

(Foxy Openings Vol. 155, 156 and Vol. 157)

The Queen´s Gambit Accepted is a fundamental defence to 1.d4 and has been used by many World Champions, Petrosian, Anand and Kasparov, to name but a few

On this all-new Foxy Openings repertoire DVD, Andrew Martin introduces the viewer to the QGA and at the same time provides repertoire suggestions to the other main line white possibilities after 1.d4 d5.

Content Covered (a total of > 6 hours):

Part 1 - Foxy Openings Vol. 155 - 2 hours

  • Exchange Variation
  • Albin Counter Gambit
  • von Hennig-Schara Gambit
  • Tarrasch Defence
  • Chigorin Defence

Part 2 - Foxy Openings Vol. 156:

  • Benko Gambit
  • Modern Benoni
  • Czech Benoni
  • Snake Benoni

Part 3 - Foxy Openings Vol 157:

  • King´s Indian Defence
  • Grunfeld Defence
  • Nimzo Indian Defence

Sprache: englisch
Medium: DVD

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