Adrian Michaltschischin, Georg Mohr: Forgotten Genius - Albin Planinc

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The Life and Games of  Grandmaster Albin Planinc
2021, 4080 Seiten, kartoniert, englisch




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The world of Marcell Duchamp was the world of leading men of 20th century art ? such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Man Ray, George Segal and scores of others. Marcel Duchamp was one of them.

In chess Duchamp did not achieve the highest chess goals, but he was accompanied by chess all his life. His artistic and chess life blend together and sometimes it is very difficult to find the boundary separating Duchamp the artist from Duchamp the chess player.
For him perhaps more than for anyone else, the currently used term ?chess artist? is the most suitable. An artist not only with a brush in his band, but a real artist at the chessboard.

The worlds of art and of chess merged for him, he could not imagine an existence without both. Chess play was not merely a form of rest and distraction, it was both an exact science and an art for him. Duchamp the chess player was an integral part of his mature artistic personality.?

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