Tibor Karolyi: Alexander Beliavsky - 1

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Legendary Chess Careers 

From the foreword:

In this series he is the fi rst player from the former Soviet Union. It was something
special to be a super-Grandmaster in the Soviet Union ? bringing some serious advantages and of course some serious disadvantages. He produced a lot of brilliant games; it is a pleasure for me to present you some of these.
He wrote a book, which is very interesting because of his annotations ? his comments are short and always to the point. I think he has produced so many interesting games, so it makes sense to look at his career from a different angle. In some cases I analyse the same games, but very often I selected others.
One of the reasons for this is that I wanted to spot the moments when he reached new heights. Your author is a trainer of juniors who fi nds investigating the early part of a career extremely interesting. Beliavsky starts his selection of games from the age of 19, while in this book I discuss much earlier parts of his career. I conducted an interview with Viktor Kart, who was his junior trainer and played a fundamental role in his journey in chess.
Beliavsky´s book Uncompromising Chess (a great title) was published back in 1998; computer analysis can uncover a lot and also add a lot to the level of analysis.
All these great players off ered fantastic advice in my books, but I think the best I ever heard was given by Alexander in our interview. These things very much justify writing a new book on Beliavskys great career. I think it is also worth looking at for players who just want to enjoy great fighting games, and also for players who want to improve their chess understanding.

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