Quality Base 2018 - DVD

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Schach-Informator 1965-2017 (1-134)
2018, DVD

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With a grand total of 116,969 games (72,244 full games and 44,725 game fragments), in numerical terms it is the biggest collection of annotated games on the market. But this is not a numbers game. In contrast to the commercial databases which offer millions of freely accessible games with no analysis, Quality Base is a triumph of quality over quantity.

Quality Base is a complete collection of all the games ever published in Informant, from its very first issue, presenting games from 1965 right up to the very last issue - Informant 134.

  • It is designed to offer you a tremendously easy access to:

  • Entire Database

  • Each individual Informant

  • Games played by World Champions and other prominent chess players

  • Game annotators

  • All the Openings according to the ECOcode system

  • Most popular opening lines and variations

  • Golden games, the best of the very best as voted by our Grandmaster jury

Quality Base by Chess Informant is a unique historical collection of annotated chess games which will serve as a premium database for daily use by competitive players and chess lovers worldwide.

Medium: DVD
Sprache: figurine Notation
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018

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