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2017, 106 Seiten, kartoniert, englisch

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Issue 2017#7 brings you 106 pages of the best in chess:

Aronian wins the World Cup

In Georgia?s capital Tbilisi, physical fitness, mental resilience and a close-knit team were the pillars of Levon Aronian?s fully deserved success. Not for the first time this year the Armenian out-performed World Champion Magnus Carlsen. His fans have reason to believe that he is closer to his biggest dream than ever.

Profile: Levon Aronian

Mark Glukhovsky writes about Levon Aronian?s search for spiritual comfort. A personal profile of a dear friend.


At the World Cup a substantial number of elite players performed (well) below their rating. What does that mean?

Magnus says ?relax?

The World Champion entered the rapidly growing Open on the Isle of Man, hungry for chess after his brief sojourn in Tbilisi. With a relaxed approach, both freewheeling and energetic, he was the fully deserved winner of the £50,000 first prize.

When Viktor met Bobby

For the last time. A hitherto unknown letter explains why Kortchnoi lost his wish to see Fischer.

Capa goes to Hollywood

In the glamorous world of film stars and moguls, the chess champ was chasing his own dream. In vain. Bruce Monson takes us back to a memorable visit that may not have brought Capablanca what he was hoping for but produced a wealth of stories.

Judit Polgar?s column

Richard Rapport?s returning dilemma: 1.b3 or not b3?

Diamonds Are Forever

Nigel Short teaches you a thing or two about Botswana and Lesotho.

Rites of Passage

Lloyd Lillie?s chess-themed sculpture in Washington?s John Marshall Park tells a father-and-son story familiar to many of us.

NIC?s Café

Solve a ?simple? chess puzzle and become a millionaire. Saddam Hussein?s private chess set returns to Iraq. And an unexpected solution to stop panic attacks.

Your Move

Garry Kasparov?s political ideology and a question about Heath Ledger?s alleged chess prowess.

Celeb64: Gregory Peck

Why did Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States, give up chess?

Secrets of Opening Surprises

The World Cup in Tbilisi was the perfect place to have a number of SOS ideas up your sleeve.

Maximize Your Tactics

Find the right moves.

Chess Pattern Recognition

You remember Kasparov?s mighty octopus on d3. There are more.

Sadler on Books

Matthew Sadler allots five stars to two biographical works about brilliant and tragic heroes of our game.

Just Checking

Who is ?Miro?s? favourite chess player of all time?

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Sprache: englisch
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