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The World's Premier Chess Magazine
2014, 106 Seiten, kartoniert, englisch


NIC’s Café

Your Move

Fair & Square

Carlsen retains world title
If Vishy Anand didn't repeat the mistakes from Chennai, he might have a chance in his second match against Magnus Carlsen. But the Norwegian was superior again and won 6½-4½.

When Magnus met Vladimir
President Vladimir Putin attended the prize-giving ceremony in Sochi. Has chess become a matter of national importance again in Russia?

Harvard Square
Where oddballs, hustlers and masters meet.

Grischuk on the Rampage
Playing with abandon, Alexander Grischuk won 4 of his 7 games at the Petrosian Memorial in Moscow. In the process he crossed the 2800 barrier and rose to third place in the world rankings.

Our Man in the Isle of Man
With a brilliant tournament victory our columnist Nigel Short fought his way back into the Top-100.

The next generation
Lu Shanglei is the new U-20 World Champion.

S.O.S. in the Scotch

FIDE Grand Prix
Caruana and Gelfand won in Baku, Andreikin in Tashkent.

Beware: Brilliancy!

Return matches
Hans Ree is still not reconciled to Euwe's loss to Alekhine in 1937.

Sadler on Books

Predictably unpredictable
Jan Timman on Baadur Jobava, one the most original GMs of our day.

Just Checking
What was the most exciting chess game Alexander Khalifman ever saw?

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