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The World's Premier Chess Magazine
2014, 106 Seiten, kartoniert, englisch

NIC’s Café

Your Move

Fair & Square

Out of this world
The second edition was billed as the strongest chess tournament in history,  but the 2014 Sinquefield Cup will be remembered for Fabiano Caruana’s unbelievable seven-win streak and his stellar 3097 performance.

Interview: Fabiano Caruana
‘I thought I had my chances, but nothing can prepare you for 7-0.’

Beware: Brilliancy!

Dialogues of the deluded

SOCAR, so good
Winning all their seven matches, the Azeri juggernaut confidently claimed the European Club Cup in Bilbao.

Nigel Short is delighted that the United Kingdom stays intact.

A kick from Pegasus
Genna Sosonko explores what chess players do to be ‘ready to play’.

Anand tests his form
The Challenger warmed up by winning the Bilbao Masters.

Repeat performance?
Sergey Shipov gives his take on the Carlsen-Anand World Championship match.

S.O.S. in the QG Exchange
Just bring out the c8-bishop anyway.

Hou Yifan claims Grand Prix

Topalov remains tops
Jan Timman thinks you can learn a lot from the Bulgarian’s games.

From Lasker to Larsen
Matthew Sadler has changed his opinion on Lasker completely!

Just Checking
What was the best book Le Quang Liem ever read?

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