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The World's Premier Chess Magazine
2014, 106 Seiten, kartoniert, englisch


Talking Heads

Your Move

NIC’s Café

Karjakin Carlsen Style
On the World Champion’s home turf, Sergey Karjakin miraculously defended his Norway Chess title with a Magnus Carlsen specialty, a devastating final sprint from a seemingly hopeless position.

Beware! Brilliancy!

Nigel Short looks at 19 years of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and sees more than ample reason to vote for change at the FIDE presidential elections.

A Winner Takes It All
At the FIDE World Rapid & Blitz Championship, Magnus Carlsen proved that he is the best in any FIDE rated time-control. Loek van Wely presents the main protagonists in Dubai and lets himself be guided by his idea of ‘defining moments’. Magnus Carlsen comments on both a rapid and a blitz game!

Fair & Square

‘What a lousy move!’
But it was played by Magnus Carlsen! Jeroen Bosch explains the S.O.S. merits of the Ruy Lopez Alapin.

FIDE Grand Prix
Thanks to victories in Khanty-Mansiysk and Lopota World Champion Hou Yifan is back in the race to win the Women’s GP.

Jan Timman profiles one of his strongest rivals. A fellow globetrotter with a special talent. ‘I believe that, after Kasparov and Karpov, I have learned the most from him.’

Should Be Easy!
Matthew Sadler makes a strong plea for (good) puzzle books.

Just Checking
What would Laurent Fressinet save from his house if it were on fire?

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