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The World's Premier Chess Magazine
2014, 106 Seiten, kartoniert, englisch


Your Move

NIC’s Café

Russia Wins World Teams
Russia’s coach Yuri Dokhoian reveals the philosophy behind his coaching.

Lothar Schmid’s Library
The biggest private chess collection in the world is up for sale.

London Classic Goes Rapid
Jonathan Speelman saw ‘the trickiest player on the planet’ strike in the fifth edition of England’s finest.

Rapid Chess
According to Nigel Short we should not only thank the Brits for sports like football, cricket and what have you. 

A Matter of Style?
Mihail Marin wonders if the style of Lajos Portisch was really as tactical as they say. Or was it positional? Or?

Interview: Hikaru Nakamura
The American number one is happy with the stability he has found and the way his chess is improving.

My Most Beautiful Move
Finally, Willy Hendriks had the opportunity to play the move he had been dreaming about. To the desired effect?

Fun Games in Beijing
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave reports from the Mind Games, where he miraculously arrived one day ahead of schedule.

Beware: Brilliancy!

Who Can Say No to Nimzowitsch?
Hans Ree certainly can’t.

Sadler on Books

Twenty Years on
High time for an update on the Karpov-Timman FIDE World Championship match of 1993.

Just Checking
What was the best piece of advice Daniel King ever got?

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