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The World's Premier Chess Magazine
2013, 106 Seiten, kartoniert, englisch


NIC’s Café

Your Move

2872, But Not There Yet
The 75th Tata Steel Chess ­tournament ended in a sweeping victory for Magnus Carlsen. With seven-league strides the world’s number one raced through the jubilee edition to finish one-and-a half points ahead of fellow-Candidate Levon Aronian.

Three Metres from Heaven
How difficult is it to overcome the small distance that separates the A-Group and the B-Group in Wijk aan Zee? Sergey Shipov takes a closer look at the up-and-coming young talents.

Harry Nelson Pillsbury
John Hilbert and Olimpiu Urcan describe a week in the gruelling exhibition life of the great American champion. 

The ‘Iceman’ Cometh
Nikita Vitiugov is victorious in his Gibraltar Masters debut climbing to the top amid tough competition. Zhao Xue, only a point behind, claims the top woman’s prize.

Beware: Brilliancy!
Yochanan Afek has a keen eye for baffling moves. Can you find the mates that grandmasters missed?

Open Sesame!
Nigel Short explains what both the average player and the pro have to look for when they plan to play an open tournament.

Anand Wins in Baden-Baden
A relieved Vishy Anand won his first classical tournament since 2008. As the early leader Fabiano Caruana collapsed in the turbulent last rounds of the Grenke Chess Classic, the World Champion crowned a return to good form, leapfrogging to clear first place with two dashing wins. 

Fast Forward Fabiano
As abruptly as he had dropped out of the Top 10, Fabiano Caruana shot up to seventh place in the world rankings again with probably his finest achievement to date.

Carlsen’s All-Round Understanding
Jan Timman analyses two games that show the strength of Magnus Carlsen in all phases of the game.

Just Checking
Who is Arkadij Naiditsch’s favourite player of all time?


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