Ljubomir Ljubojevic: Ljubomir Ljubojevic

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Leichte Lagerspuren
A journey through one brilliant career
2011, 400 Seiten, gebunden, figurine Notation

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Intro by the publisher:

By publishing the book ?Ljubomir Ljubojevic?, who was one of the best Serbian and Yugoslav chess player ever, I wanted to commemorate and honor his 60th anniversary together with 40 years since he was awarded the title of International Grand Master.

Belonging to the same generation as his and being myself a long-range chess fan, I have believed that a fruitful creativity and a very successful chess carrier of one of the best World Grand Masters of his time could be presented in a picturesque way.

This book reviews almost all chess tournaments from 1968-2010 in which Ljubo­jevic took part. It covers over 150 tournaments, of which 32 were his triumphs.

Ljubomir Ljubojevic was born on November 2, 1950 in Titovo U?ice. He got Grand Master?s title at the tournament at Vrnjacka Banja in Serbia in May 1971. 

The book ?Ljubomir Ljubojevic? is conceived in two parts. First part provides a tabular survey of all 32 tournaments, in which Ljubojevic was the winner, starting with Sarajevo (1970) up to Wijk aan Zee (2008) when four contenders played double round tournament. In This part are shown all of his victories. Further on, the survey includes his match with Gligoric, Belgrade (1979)., which attracted an unseen interest of Yugoslav chess public until than in which the younger player did triumph! 

The publisher has had a dilemma in deciding where in the book to include several tournaments when Ljubojevic did not win the first place, but which were superior to some of those when he did triumph. For instance, at the tournament in Tilburg, (The Netherlands), in 1986, where Ljubojevic took the second place and was be­fore Karpov and other best players of that time. The next examples may be either Milan (1975) or Linares (1989) and so on. However, it has been assessed that the first place represents a special value which deserves to be separated from all other tournament results, regardless to their objective strenght.

It is useful to let readers know that all the games are assorted in a systematic way according to their openings, to enable a better comparison and to follow a progress itself of Ljubojevic?s creativity. 

The games are commented by using the symbols from Chess Informant's System of Signs.

The choice of a small number of photos is made due to a relatively limited space available.

This is to acknowledge very valuable contribution of Mr. Milan Bjelajac, Inter­national master, who has gathered and selected a large chess material to make it ready for publishing. 



 Zoran Simic, Director 


CONTENTS/No. of page


LJUBOMIR LJUBOJEVIC ? My Chess Friend ? 14 


SARAJEVO 1970 23

ZÜRICH 1970 26

CACAK 1970 29


OLOT 1972 35

CAORLE 1972 37

ORENSE 1974 41

LAS PALMAS 1974 43

LAS PALMAS 1975 48


MANILA 1975 56

WIJK AAN ZEE 1976 59

JUGOSLAVIJA (ch) 1977 63

TITOVO U?ICE 1978 67

SÃO PAULO 1979 72

BEOGRAD (m) 1979 76


BUENOS AIRES (open) 1981 84

BRASILIA 1981 85

JUGOSLAVIJA (ch) 1982 88

LINARES 1985 92

NEW YORK (open) 1985 96

REGGIO EMILIA 1985/86 99

AMSTERDAM 1986 102

BRUXELLES 1987 104

BEOGRAD 1987 109

VIÑA DEL MAR 1988 113

BARCELONA (World Cup) 1989 115

REGGIO EMILIA "A2" 1991 120

ROQUEBRUNE (blitz) 1992 122

MONACO 1993 124

WIJK AAN ZEE 2008 129


Index  369

Tournaments Crosstables  373

Medium: Buch, gebunden
Sprache: englisch
Erscheinungsjahr: 2011
Seitenanzahl: 400

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