Lev Alburt: Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player

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Comprehensive Chess Course Vol. 5
3rd edition 2010, 352 Seiten, kartoniert, englisch  

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This book demystifies chessboard planning, giving you the practical, game-winning strategic techniques you could spend years gathering on your own.
Each idea is explained and illustrated using games carefully chosen for their instructive clarity and power.

- Good and Bad Bishops
- Bishops of Opposite Color
- Cutting Off a Piece form the Main Action
- When the Bishop is Stronger than the Knight
- When the Knight is Stronger than the Bishop
- The Bishop Pair
- Fighting on the Long Diagonal
- Open Files and Diagonals
- Weak and Strong Squares
- When a Complex of Squares is Weak
- Weak and Strong Pawns
- Significance of the Center
- Fighting on the Long Diagonal 

Medium: Buch, kartoniert
Sprache: englisch
Erscheinungsjahr: 2010
Seitenanzahl: 352

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