John S. Hilbert: Napier - The Forgotten Chessmaster

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1997, 354 Seiten, Leinen mit Goldprägung, englisch

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William Ewart Napier played hundreds of exciting, attacking games.
He was a self-admitted artist at the game who, much like Mieses and Marshall, was more interested in the swirling complexities on the board before him than the results on the tournament wall chart.

And yet he was frequently successful competitively, though much more erratically, as his significant periods of absence form the board, even before his "retirement" form serious play at twenty-five, at times handicapped his game.

And yet, aside from his well-known loss to Emanuel Lasker at Cambridge Springs 1904 - the game he himself considered the best he ever played - the name of Napier has all but been forgotten in chess history. 

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Sprache: englisch
Erscheinungsjahr: 1997
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