Informator 110

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Hersteller: Informator-Verlag

Turnierzeitraum 1.9. - 31.12.2010
2011, 294 Seiten, kartoniert, figurine Notation

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Chess Informant 110 brings together a thoroughly refined selection of 321 annotated games and 388 accompanying game fragments from September - December 2010.
Featuring games from Shanghai/Bilbao, Khanty-Mansiysk (ol), Plovdiv (European Club Cup), Nanjing, Hoogeveen, Bastia/Ajaccio (rapid), Lubbock, Moscow (Tal Memorial), Belgorod (Russian Cup), Guangzhou (Asian Team Championships), Wolvega, Antakya (Women's World Championship), London, Russia (ch), Reggio Emilia, etc.

This Volume brings the voting for the ten best games and the ten most important theoretical novelties from Chess Informant 109 , theoretical survey in ECO format, the most interesting recent combinations, endings and studies, tournament standings and crosstables, and the best of Sergey Karjakin's creative output. Column "Modern Chess Theory" completely covers three most popular openings B 66, C 65 and C 95.

Starting from volume 110 we include new sections - excellent moves, chess problems by GM Milan Velimirovic and Chess Informant Labs.

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