Fritz 17 - multi-language version

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Hersteller: ChessBase

MULTI-LANGUAGE VERSION: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, German
2019, DVD

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At the turn of the century, Fritz fascinated the chess world with victories over Garry Kasparov and then-reigning World Champion Vladimir Kramnik. The "most popular chess program" (according to German magazine Der Spiegel ) offers you everything you will need as a dedicated chess enthusiast, with innovative training methods for amateurs and professionals alike, plus access to the full suite of ChessBase web apps, including the Playchess playing server. Here are the highlights:

  • Now with ?Fat Fritz? *: An extremely strong neural net engine inspired by Alpha Zero, which produces human-like strategic analyses of world class quality.

  • Improved Fritz 17 engine with traditional brute force search and evaluations technology

  • Convenient one-click management of your opening repertoires

  • Opening training with success control, measure your progress with e-learning technology

  • Hundreds of ready-made repertoires included

  • ?Blitz & Train?: Fritz generates tactical puzzles from your own blitz games

  • Perfect analysis of endgames with up to seven pieces, access to ?Let?s Check?

  • Improved 3D chess boards thanks to real-time ray tracing**

  • Includes six months ChessBase Premium Account Membership: Now with 11 ChessBase web apps for mobile training, analysis,live chess and much more

*Fat Fritz is based on LCZero. LCZero is an open source project licensed through the GPL v3 with all due rights. Source code of LCZero and the modifications for Fat Fritz can be found at Github.

** Requires a powerful graphics card with NVIDIA chip


Medium: DVD
Erscheinungsjahr: 2019

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