Eduard Gufeld: The Art of the King´s Indian

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A top King's Indian specialist reveals his secrets.
2015, 352 Seiten, gebunden, englisch

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Eduard Gufeld was one of the most colourful Soviet grandmasters from the second half of the 20th century.

Many of his games have entered the treasury of chess brilliance, the best known being his win over Bagirov (1963), which Gufeld called his 'La Gioconda'.

He made a valuable contribution to the theory of sharp opening systems, including in particular the King's Indian Defence and the Dragon Variation of the Sicilian Defence.

An honoured USSR trainer, he seconded the outstanding grandmasters Leonid Stein and Yefim Geller in their battles in the world arena, and he trained the lady world champion Maya Chiburdanidze.

Gufeld was an active chess publiciser, a successful journalist, and he wrote numerous chess books.

Oleg Stetsko is a Soviet chess master, senior trainer of the USSR national team during its last appearances in 1985-1989, a journalist, and since 1993 a contributor to the magazine '64 -shakhmatnoe obozrenie '.

Individually, and as a co-author with grandmasters Gufeld and Mikhalchishin, he has written a number of topical chess books, including one on the games of Magnus Carlsen.


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