Csaba Balogh, Adrian Michaltschischin: Mastering Queen and Pawn Endgames

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The Modern Endgame Manual Vol. 1
2016, 269 Seiten, kartoniert, englisch 

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Become and expert and learn to enjoy even more the "silent beauty" of the endgame.

Part 1
of the first FIDE-approved endgame manual, written by 3 of the world leading experts: FIDE Senior Trainers IGM Mikhalchishin, IGM Grivas and IGM Balogh.

A total of 14 endgame books will take you step-by-step from king & pawn endgames all the way through to extremely complex and materially-unbalanced endgames.


The first book of the series "The modern endgame manual" is a combination of king & pawn endgames and queen & pawn endgames. The pawn endgames consist of 5 main chapters with a graduation to 35 different topics. The queen endgames consist of 3 main chapters with a graduation to 15 different topics. King and pawn endgames, compared with others, are relatively direct and can often be calculated to the end, and that's why the value of each move is much higher than in other endgames with multiple pieces on the board. Every single move can change the evaluation of the position and "perfect" play is quite possible in most of them. In the majority of pawn endgames knowledge plays the most important role and, of course, the ability to accurately calculate long lines where both sides are aiming to promote their respective pawns. Throughout the book you will find many theoretical positions, many practical ones and also how the games developed in practical play. Queen endgames are different because they revolve around a much smaller number of theoretical positions and typical manoeuvres. Therefore the real knowledge here is the ability to use - and evaluate correctly - the roles of the most important elements, such as passed pawns, centtalized queens and king marches into the opponent's camp. The material inside this book is very useful for players at every level, from the complete beginner up to GM standard! After a deep study of this book you will be able to call yourself quite an expert, something you will hopefully prove in your future games!

Medium: Buch, kartoniert
Erscheinungsjahr: 2016
Sprache: englisch
Seitenanzahl: 269


Leseprobe: Balogh_Mastering Queen and Pawn endgames

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