Anthony J. Gillam: Paul Felix Schmidt

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Hersteller: The Chess Player

2017, 229 Seiten, kartoniert, englisch

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Paul Schmidt was born in Estonia, in the Russian Empire in 1916 during World War 1. His family was soon fleeing from the Russian Revolution to Riga and then to Germany. They became German citizens.

Later they returned to Estonia and became Estonian citizens. This is where Schmidt began his international chess career which lasted from 1935 until 1950.

In 1939 they were expelled from Estonia and were again given German citizenhsip. During World War 2, Schmidt was one of the best players in the world with a rating over 2600.

In 1952 he emigrated to the U.S.A., with his family, and focussed on his scientific career. The family finally acquired U.S. citizenship in 1957.

This book contains all of his games that i have been able to find, many with his own notes.

  • 29 cross tables
  • career record
  • brief biographymany diagrams and a few illustrations

  • Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
    Medium: Buch, kartoniert
    Sprache: englisch
    Seitenanzahl: 229

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