Andrew Soltis: Chess Lists

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The best, the worst, the shortest, the longest, the oddest, the most deceitful, the most brilliant, the dumbest - of players, games, matches, tournaments, books, ideas, etc.

The lists are replete with background details, fascinating games and positions, and curious facts - an essential part of any chess collection.

This new edition contains 25 percent more lists, games, diagrams and annotations.


This book grew out of two articles I wrote in my "Chess to Enjoy" column for Chess Life during 1982. Those columns drew the greatest reader response of any I've done for the magazine. Readers had suggestions for additional lists, took issue with some of those I printed and offered useful information of all kinds. As I suspected, chessplayers love lists.

The result was the first edition of this book, which included more than 60 lists, many contributed by experts in the various aspects of chess lore. They ranged from tournament directors, problemists and booksellers to Bobby Fischer, whose list of the ten greatest players appears by permission of Frank Brady and was first seen in Brady's Chessworld magazine, copyright 1964 Chess-world Inc.

For the second edition I have added more than a dozen new lists, updated and expanded most of the others, and greatly increased the number of illustrative games and diagrams. I would again like to thank all the contributors who made this book possible. And I would again like to hear from readers with additions, corrections or suggestions for future lists.

Medium: Buch, kartoniert
Sprache: englisch
Erscheinungsjahr: 2002
Seitenanzahl: 248

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