Anatoli Kuznetsow: Glänzende Schachstudien

Artikelnummer: 2049

Hersteller: Russian Chess House

1997, 334 Seiten, gebunden, figurine Notation  

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Anatoli Kusnetsov is one of the most well-known erudities in the field of chess studies. He, who has a master title both in practical play and in composition, presents the most outstanding artistic endgames from many centuries of chess history.
One who has more ideas gets advantage in chess. Every one of 150 masterpieces represented with the big diagrams, contains one or several bright, beautiful, and instructive ideas. In addition to each diamond, two "additional" gems are supplied where ideas are similar but in a different shape.

Solutions are separated from the diagrams, so you can try and find solutions by yourself. If you failed just turn the page over.
Every player, both beginner and grandmaster, can find a lot of interesting and useful stuff in this book. Chess beauty leaves nobody untouched, so here you are meeting the niciest creations of chess composers of various styles, manners and time periods. 

Medium: Buch, gebunden
Sprache: englisch
Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
Seitenanzahl: 332

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