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Chess Informant Team:
The Best of Garry - DVD

2017, DVD

Garry Kasparov, the 13th World Champion, a truly great chess player, who has tremendously influenced the development of chess with his games, analyses and writings. Chess Informant has had the privilege of hosting the fruits of his deep analytical work for more than thirty years, and there is no doubt that the quality of his work has greatly enriched the contents of our publication - and chess culture overall.

Please ensure that you have installed your favorite chess database management program before using this product.

The product contains the files for use by ChessBase (Windows) through the installation process. Additionally, it contains PGN files for use by any PGN viewer on Macintosh, Linux, iOS and Android. This product is designed to be used by almost every popular free or commercial program on the market.

Die DVD ist kompatibel zu ChessBase, der Inhalt ist zusätzlich im pgn-Format enthalten.


  • 595 Partien exklusiv von Kasparov für Chess Informant kommentiert
  • "Garry's Choice" - sechs seiner Kolumnen aus dem Informator mit Partien aus der Turnierpraxis
  • 608 Partien mit Kommentaren seiner Gegner
  • "Play like Kasparov" - exklusiver Kurs auf Basis seines Spielstils
  • Bewundern Sie Kasparovs Kreativität
  • Eröffnungsbäume und Repertoirevorschläge aus Kasparovs Weiß- und Schwarz-Partien
  • Statistiken zu seiner Karriere

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